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This is where I will list my orgonite pyramids in all variations. Gizeh, Nubian and cone shaped pyramids.


Large orgonite pyramids are 12cm or 4 3/4 inch base length and 10.5cm or 4 inches tall.


Small orgonite pyramids are 8cm or 3 1/4 inches base length and about 6.5cm or 2.5 inches tall.

I aim to create the most powerful devices with a large portion of thE build dedicated to the orgone matrix, with as much metal in my devices as possible.

My standard orgone matrix contains: quartz crystals, selenite iron, steel, brass, aluminium, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, mookaite & red jasper, smokey quartz, bees wax and informed wood soaked in with water with homeopathic essences, shungite and load stone for protection from the EMR / EMF's and 5G frequencies.

My matrix may change at any time as I learn of more effective or energetic ways to create orgone products.

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