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My orgone pendants come in various shapes and sizes and can be customised by tuning into the customer. See personalised pieces page for info.

They are good for boosting your personal energy field and to protect it from the harmful radiation around us from all the wireless communications and 5G frequencies.

Pendants cover 1.5 meters at full strength spherically and 5 meters over all in the physical and etheric. Life force in Bovis dowsed at 800.000.

Wrapped pendants cover 2 meters at full strength and 5 meters over all in the physical.

Life force in Bovis dowsed at 1.200.000.

Teardrop pendants are 7 cm tall and 4 cm wide. They transmute 650.000 bovis in the physical and cover  a 3 meter radius at full strength and 5.5 meters effectively as dowsed with the pendulum.

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