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Charging Plates Orgone Generators have many uses other than charging your water on them and making it more alkaline and better tasting.


They keep your fruit and vegetables fresh longer and more energised.

I have Herbalists who create there products and potions on my orgone products  making them more energetic and more specific to the client's needs.

Healers and practitioners use these and orgonite pyramids in their work to help clients release issues or to get to the point where the work begins faster, giving the client more quality time of service.

Some info on the range and strength of my orgone products.

Bovis is a measurement for life force, aka chi, Reiki, Prahna.

I am guided that a Human transmutes about 110.000 Bovis of life force so my orgonites need to be multiple times stronger than that to be of benefit to people, plants, animals and the environment.

Here are the readings for the different size orgone charging plates.

The 9 cm charging plate is a good size if you are on the move.

Cover 55 meter at full strength, 120 meters overall.

Transmutes 120.000.000 bovis

From $ 69

The 11 cm plate is slightly stronger at 190 million Bovis covers

60 meters radius at full strength and 125 meters over all

From $ 111

Square charging plate 10 cm top with Flower of life is the most powerful device until the cloud buster. Transmuting 2.5 Billion bovis with 550 meter at full strength and 1.7 km overall

From $ 162

18 cm charging plate for larger items 700 million bovis covers 110 meter at full strength and 270 meters overall.

From $ 222

21 cm charging plate transmutes 1.1 billion bovis and covers 260 meters radius at full strength and 480 meters overall.

From $ 252

The larger charging plates allow for elementals and tensor rings in different layers to  create personalised orgone products or spiritual tools.

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