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Orgone consists of an organic component the resin and the inorganic component the metals.

These constantly swap ions between each other which attracts the unwanted harmful radiation  (positive ions ) from wifi, mobiles, electro grid, mobile phone towers and other sources and transmutes them into ( negativ ions) which we call orgone, chi, life force.

Orgone is self cleansing in this process.

With a quartz crystal this becomes an orgone generator. The resin shrinks when it hardens putting pressure on the crystal and the metals which helps the transmuting of the energies and the crystal uses its inherent vibration to spread the energy and the programmed intentions.

Different shapes and sizes cover larger or smaller areas. So a phone button or pendant cover a small area around you. while a grid of tower busters or a pyramid will cover a home or work place environment.

The more metal you can get into the volume of resin the more energy you will be transmuting.


My journey started with my then partner having chronic fatigue and looking for something to help her improve her situation I came home one day from work and had 3 videos to look at on how to make a tower buster, a orgone pyramid and how to make cloud busters.


I joined a online forum where I discovered that orgone started as a gifting movement to harmonise the energies for all things living by gifting them into nature and by putting them around mobile phone towers to harmonise the harmful radiation involved with the technology.


The first place I went to for crystals to make devices for gifting sent me to the place I have been going to since I started in 2011. Stan, the owner showed me how to program a crystal and taught me to always add selenite. From there, I was off to a a good start and then had to source the metal.




For the first 3 years I made Tower Busters for gifting before improving my intentions and making myself a cloud buster.

At the beginning of 2014 I moved into shared living accommodation as my circumstances at work changed which meant I had more time and space to create more regularly.


At this time I was taking a course in getting into contact with my spiritual guides and angels, while learning more about intentions and having all materials on charging plates so that the ingredients are charged all the time.


Not seeing much change in the skies after 3 years of gifting mobile phone towers I started making cloud buster bases and started a grid of them.When I had the seed of life pattern on cloud busters placed I started seeing the difference in the skies and I had some confirmation that this all works. Things started to speed up with info from guides to look at tensor rings from Slim Spurling and the elementals symbols of the elders three channeled by Brenda Schnose and to use them in the orgone generators with their spiritual intentions attached.

I started using a pendulum to determine the amount of life force transmuted by the devices and other info related to the devices.

I changed the intuitions in my cloud busters after some heaving chemtrailing and within a few days got psychically attacked which I took as confirmation that I was doing things right and shortly after that a new guide came in which accelerated things.

I started going to events as I had started to make nicer pieces for people and this was becoming an ever larger part of my life, making me consider cutting back hours on my job.


Guides and angels seemed to think I was ready and after a strange Friday at work I went to sleep that night and heard them say “ quit your job we will look after you”.

I checked that with the crystal shop and my partner who had just said ‘ Quit your job it is no good for your health”.

I went to work on Monday and gave my notice just trusting that I was guided and things would work out.

Within a few months we were living rent free in a shed and sharing bills so I had time to create, do gifting and grow further with going to more events, making personal guided pieces for people.

Since then I have grown into being able to become a planet mechanic while extending the gifting to larger parts of WA ( West Australia ) and since I accepted that I have been guided to have this business of being in service, things are stable and developing further all the time.


Thank you for being here,

Alexander - your local planet mechanic



A: Perth Western Australia 

T:   +61 410 191 494

Alexanders Orgones

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