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Here I will offer orgone devices that are spiritual tools when I am guided to create these without a customer request.

Below the sale panel are some photos of devices that have been created this way.

Since then the chestahedron has become a frequently used shape in these tools.

These are be co-designed with the customer and the guides to the needs of the client and the guides they are working with and go beyond just being orgone generators and have found use with individuals and meditation groups alike.

If you are interested in a device that goes beyond for your work you are encouraged to make an appointment to work out how these can be created to your needs.


The larger pieces take about 2 weeks to create at the moment as I will take my time to get these accurate.

Some ideas for pricing:


  • Interdimentional traveling tool; pyramid with cone. Price starts at $180.

  • Double chestahedron; energy flows differently if you change the way you hold or align it. Price starts at $ 280.

  • Tetra chestahedron; four sided pieces. Price starts at $652.

  • Extra large pyramid with 20 cm base. Price starts at $250.

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