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small  pyramid Viking, RaMu tensor rings

small pyramid Viking, RaMu tensor rings

SKU: green V R 1-3 14.2.24

A small green orgone pyramid with tensor rings Viking ( devine feminine ) , RaMu ( devine mascukine ) 

Single terminated Quartz as the picture stone.


Viking cubit ( 443 mhz )

The energy of this frequency embodies the Divine Feminine energy, subtle, beautiful, gentle energy, carrying the secret spark of life, like a white, light-pink, yellow beam of light that has no beginning and no end, with a constant infinite flow.
It’s very good for sleep and emotional disorders, muscle disorders and it has great results on tooth pains.


RA-MU cubit: 74.13 CM cubit length (404MHz).

Ra-Mu has the original Aryan DNA frequency, from the 1st Ones on Earth. It activates the 12 Strand DNA Sequence. Recently was scientifically proven that the Japanese DNA holds the 12 Strand DNA, the original frequency: The Aryan.

Ra-Mu frequency wakes up the memories, the codes that are still stored in the cellular structures of our bodies and in the infinite chambers of our hearts.

"The Rings of Fire" - The Lands of Mu on Earth.

From the 3 new discovered frequencies, this is the strongest one. It has a Vertical energy, creating an endless and unbreakable torus energy field. It clears all PASTS,PRESENTS and FUTURES in many dimensions, inter-dimensions, worlds and all in 2 Universes.

Embodies the Divine Masculine energy. Perfect for channel healers: one ring or a tensor field generator on the head connects you with the speed and power of a thunder ray of light activating you to work in a blink of an eye!

Element: Volcanic Fire. Works the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Chakras. The best pain killer!!


Crystals: quartz, selenite, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, mookaite & red jasper, black tourmaline and sodalite


all cleansed, charged and intentions sealed

shungite and load stone for the protection from emf and 5G frequencies.


I add bees wax and informed wood that is soaked in water with rose quartz, shungite and homoepathic drops.



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    I wish to avoid any unneccessary postage issues but things can happen and will be sorted out.


    Regards Alexander


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