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Orgone home package deal green

Orgone home package deal green


A package deal of 7 TB's ( tower busters ) to create a grid around your home to harmonise the harmful emf / emr from the electro grid, wifi, computer screens and the 5 G technology ( weapon system )

Prettied up TBs vary in color

From dowsing I get that they have a range of 45 meters at full strength and transmute 16 million bovis of life force energy.


My placement suggestion is

1 in the meterbox to harmonise the energy and some people save on here power bill.

1 in the fridge keeps your food fresh for longer making it more energetic and saving you some money by keeping things fresh up to a week longer from my own experiance.

1 by the wifi modem to harmonise the radiation from this device.

4 in the corners of your house or your property to make a protective grid.


Ingredients: resin with shugite powered, iron, steel, brass alulminium, bees wax, informed wood, quartz, mookaite Jasper and Amethyst.


The set of 7 TBs weighs around 580 grams - 650 grams.


I am listing these at the discounted shipping of 500 grams to keep these very affordable.


     All postage prices are taken from Australia Post website and may change over time.


    I can not send small items as a letter to all destinations outside of Australia, but will aim to do so where possible.


    All international postage will be registered signed for at $ 5.50 AUD as of Febuary 2023.


    All items will be packed in cardboard boxes with bubble wrap and paper padding.


    I do NOT use padded envelopes. 


    Please contact me before your purchase if you have specific requirements that may change the weight and cost of postage.


    I am a sole interprise and need my time to create and be of service.

    I wish to avoid any unneccessary postage issues but things can happen and will be sorted out.


    Regards Alexander


     I check my items before I pack and send them. Items will and should not have issues during transit.


    Should there be an unlikely issue with the item  then please contact me.




    Return the item at your cost of postage and I will either fix it or create an item a similar as possible to your order and resend it at my cost

  • home package grid

    This deal consists of 7 Tower busters (TBs) to create a protectiv grid for your home at an affordable price.

    The coloured one is intended for infront of the the wifi router as a suggestion.

    I also suggest 1 in the meter box to hamonise the electricty coming into your home and 1 in the fridge to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. ( I get 4 days longer from my own experiance.

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