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orgone cone with 3 triskales

orgone cone with 3 triskales

SKU: triskale cone 1-2 18.10.23

A orange / pink cone shaped orgone pyramid with single terminated quartz crystal in the top. With 3 triskale / Heddeka symbols.

as the Triskale symbol: cleansing, charging, healing and energising water


as the Heddeka: stronger wind of the connection of father Univers, Mother earth and You

Symbol cut to the 188 mhz cubit / royal cubit to add 3 intentions to this symbol



Base length of 10.7 cm and about 6.5 cm tall


Metals: iron, steel, brass, aluminium, copper

Crystals in the orgone matrix: quartz, selenite, citrine, amethyst, smokey quartz, mookaite jasper, black tourmaline and sodalite.


All cleansed, charged and intentions sealed

shungite and load stone for the protection from emf and 5G frequencies

and I add bees wax and informed wood that is soaked in water with rose quartz, shungite and homoepathic drops.




     All postage prices are taken from Australia Post website and may change over time.


    I can not send small items as a letter to all destinations outside of Australia, but will aim to do so where possible.


    All international postage will be registered signed for at $ 5.50 AUD as of Febuary 2023.


    All items will be packed in cardboard boxes with bubble wrap and paper padding.


    I do NOT use padded envelopes. 


    Please contact me before your purchase if you have specific requirements that may change the weight and cost of postage.


    I am a sole interprise and need my time to create and be of service.

    I wish to avoid any unneccessary postage issues but things can happen and will be sorted out.


    Regards Alexander


     I check my items before I pack and send them. Items will and should not have issues during transit.


    Should there be an unlikely issue with the item  then please contact me.




    Return the item at your cost of postage and I will either fix it or create an item a similar as possible to your order and resend it at my cost

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