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Cap stone orgone pyramid with lotus

Cap stone orgone pyramid with lotus

SKU: Cap 1-4 8.3.24

Capstone orgone pyramid for the top of your copper pyramid at home.

25 cm base orgone pyramid with 3/4 inch copper pipes to connect your pipes for your copper pyramid at home.

Pipes not included

Lotus flower at the top of the pyramid to represent your crown chakra with the 144 mhz / Royal cubit to manifest into the physical from the soul aspect to work with everyone who sits in the pyramid.


Green and  pink orgone matrix as the heart Chakra, dark blue for the 3 rd eye / pineal glad chakra.

Seed & Restore tensor ring with Chassel symbol inside.

Tensor ring has the intions of the seed of life, seeding new ideas, restoring the old and merging with the new. Helps people with their stress and anxiety.


Chassel symbol ( fire symbol ) for burning off unwanted, no longer needed energies, cut to 188 mhz cubit with the intentions of resonating with and decalcifying the pineal gland and removing all false programmings and beliefs.


Aether symbol has the intetions of everything, everywhere, all the time, cut to 144 mhz cubit with the intentions of manifesting into the physical from ones soul aspect and working with the physical.

Large quartz point with galactic cubit tensor ring in the bottom.


Galactic Cubit~ Two dowsers connect to Source and ask for a Cubit length they could use. They received something that works unlike any other Tensor Ring. The Galactic Cubit

connects with the Higher Soul Self and works with all of the Soul's Aspect. At each twist you will find a Tube Torus. Each individual tube torus pulls in positive and negative energy, sending it out as a non-dualistic energy ~ a whole and complete energy. These tiny toroids also act as DNA scrubbers. Soul is the consciousness that is in control of frequencies and Light that come through the ring.


Orgone matrix with my mix of crystal: quartz, selenite, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, smokey quartz, carnelian, back tourmaline, shungite, lode stone and bees wax and informed wood


Metals are iron, steel and brass and copper.

Can be made in other colours or with other crystals added

Item weighs 2.9 KG without packing



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