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Large 432 orgone pyramid +3 tensor rings

Large 432 orgone pyramid +3 tensor rings

SKU: 432 1-4 7.3.24

A large bright green orgonite pyramid. Ca. 12 cm base

Which I have named the 432 as it has 4 plymella coils ( 4 swirls ), 3 Heddeka coils ( 3 swirls ) and Kahleme coils ( 2 swirls ) / 2 tensor rings. Seed & restore and Viking cubit tensor ring in this creation.

Base length 11.7 cm and about 8.5 cm tall.

No 2 pieces are identical as everything is created by hand so these are all similar by volume and materials used.


Kahleme ( 2 swirls ) intentions:

“The two swirls, represent the elemental Khaleme, who represent air. Khaleme also helps to keep air clean. While Plymella has a strong in your face energy, Khaleme is soft and barely noticed. The symbol of Khaleme can be used to clean air and bring your body a feeling of comfort and ease. The symbol may be gentle but it has great power to bring ease to your life. Khaleme fows through your body and life to keep the energies gently moving.”The Elders Three


Heddeka ( 3 swirls ) intentions:

The Heddeka swirl represents the element Heddeka. The Heddeka is an element that comes from the time of the beginning of the Earth. It has been here since the Earth began its destiny. As the Heddeka is coming back and becoming a part of the cleaning of the Earth, it is just that your thoughts and your intentions and your appreciation of this element, of this spirit, that gives it the power to go out there and help our beloved Earth. You can leave the swirls in different places and within the water or you can hang them from a tree or you can place them within the dirt. The elements all work together in unison and by doing this, they help each other. In helping each other, they help the Earth. In helping the Earth, they help you. We are working to bring the designs of the other elements into being. They have been forgotten for many, many eons and it is time that they be brought in. The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire – they come in and compliment with Water. It is the time for all this to happen. It is a time that you understand and you become a part of the Elements of the Earth. By bringing in their special skills and their special connection to our beloved Earth, you can help them as they help heal the Earth up. It is not that the Earth is in great danger because she is not. She is moving and doing exactly what she needs to do. In doing and moving and calling your attention to what is happening upon her surface, this brings you closer to your Divinity, closer to who you are. As you become closer to who you are, then this helps the Earth.” ~The Elders Three


Plymella ( 4 swirls ) intentions:

“The Elemental of wind, represented by the four swirls. Wind is an important part of cleaning and clearing energies of the earth. Plymella can help humans with whirling unneeded energies out of the body. Keep the symbol of Plymella near or on the body to help keep the energies of the body clear and clean. The air around Plymella will feel light and crisp. Plymella works to remove garbage from the air and transmute it to become clean and clear. Hang the symbol of Plymella in your place of being to help keep your air fresh and energies fowing.”The Elders Three


Elementals information and The Elders Three channelled by Brenda Shnose



Viking cubit ( 443 mhz )

The energy of this frequency embodies the Divine Feminine energy, subtle, beautiful, gentle energy, carrying the secret spark of life, like a white, light-pink, yellow beam of light that has no beginning and no end, with a constant infinite flow.
It’s very good for sleep and emotional disorders, muscle disorders and it has great results on tooth pains.


RA-MU cubit: 74.13 CM cubit length (404MHz).

Ra-Mu has the original Aryan DNA frequency, from the 1st Ones on Earth. It activates the 12 Strand DNA Sequence. Recently was scientifically proven that the Japanese DNA holds the 12 Strand DNA, the original frequency: The Aryan.

Ra-Mu frequency wakes up the memories, the codes that are still stored in the cellular structures of our bodies and in the infinite chambers of our hearts.

"The Rings of Fire" - The Lands of Mu on Earth.

From the 3 new discovered frequencies, this is the strongest one. It has a Vertical energy, creating an endless and unbreakable torus energy field. It clears all PASTS,PRESENTS and FUTURES in many dimensions, inter-dimensions, worlds and all in 2 Universes.

Embodies the Divine Masculine energy. Perfect for channel healers: one ring or a tensor field generator on the head connects you with the speed and power of a thunder ray of light activating you to work in a blink of an eye!

Element: Volcanic Fire. Works the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Chakras. The best pain killer!!


Added 144 mhz Tensor ring with the intentions of manifesting into the physical from ones soul aspect and working with the physical.



Orgone matrix with my mix of crystal: quartz, selenite, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, smokey quartz,sodalite, back tourmaline, mookaite Jasper and bees wax and informed wood


Metals: iron, steel, brass.




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