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Fundraising / Donations

                                                        Fundraiser for a trip to the Solomon Islands

 I am guided to join my German friend Dennis Mattern and his family on an expedition to the Solomon Islands,

 which has several purposes.


 Dennis is being guided to investigate the stories of encounters with giants on the Solomon Islands and to visit   these places. He feels it is the right timing fort the giants to reveal themselves and bring forward the truth of our   history.

 Dennis and his wife are trained healers and shamans from Germany. 

 Dennis is also an Author and copy writer.


 My role in this is to translate from German into English so that there is no misunderstanding in the   communication that could cause anxiety.

 To do energy work with Dennis and Anne on the Lay lines in the Solomon Islands.

 As a planet mechanic I will have the opportunity to extend my Orgone gifting beyond West Australia.


 We are looking for help to fund this expedition and estimating $ 30.000 AUD mostly the travel cost to get to the   Solomon Islands and accomodation in a very basic form for a period of about 3 weeks in May - June of 2023

 As of writing this on the 29th of March we have around $ 2000 AUD between us for this investigative and gifting   trip.


                                                               My details for donations / funding

                                               Alexander Wadeisha         PayPal

                                               BSB 086082

                                               Acc: 697231641

                                               Ref: Solomon 23

                                               Your name


         If you would like to contact Dennis directly you can do so in German or English on


                                        Regards Alexander your local planet mechanic for WA

                                                           How I met Dennis

In 2012 I met Dennis at a German meeting in Leederville.

He had just arrive in Australia at the end of a bicycle tour that he had undertaken with his Brother.

Starting from Germany through Russia and other countries I think he was in Thailand where an Australian offered him a job in Perth to continue to finance his tour.

So he came to Perth and was not able to connect with this job offer.

We had a spare room in our rental and we put him up.

Being German he was of course anxious to find a job to support his needs. So I asked at the cement factory, Urbanstone, if they had anything going. Nothing great but always looking for casual help.

So he got a job and after finding out that he had welding skills he got a position welding the casting moulds in the brick making department.

One evening I was working on some symbols of the Eye of Ra on the computer as Dennis see this he tells us the story of how he had a past life regression a few years earlier.

In this past life Dennis had to flee his home and live in the woods and became very connected with everything and wanted to right wrongs.

During this life he became the guardian of the book of life, which has the Eye of Ra symbol on it.

He frees this book from the Church and guards it for the rest of his life. At the end of his life the book went to a female who lives inside the hollow Earth and who he has met before in this past life. She has not aged in all the decades that have passed.

He said this book is now in Mexico and is waiting to be returned to humanity. He is not sure if this is in a physical or etheric template.

He then finds a copy of an old German spiritual magazine, M2000, in his bedroom with an article on the stories of giants on the Solomon Islands, which really resonates with him, the story of his past life and the story of humanity — bringing the truth back to life in this incarnation / lifetime.


Dennis’s brother joined us a month or so later in Perth and they both raised funds for their travels with jobs at Urbanstone.

When they had earned enough to continue to travel after a few month, we gave them our old Toyota which got them to somewhere in the outback of the Northern Territory or Queensland before it broke down for good and they found a lift to Cairns before they travelled back home to Germany.


All these synchronicities do not let Dennis come to a rest and he does not fit into his old ways and work.

He decides to retrain to become a healer and shaman, this is where he meets his wife Anne.

They develop their skills, get married, and now they have 3 Children. They continue their spiritual work, that now guides them to go on this journey to the Solomon Island.

My path lead me to quit my job at Urbanstone in 2015 as guided by spirit and to just rely on the skills and knowledge that has come to me through Orgone making.

Now our connection, which feels like planned before we came into this lifetime, has us coming together with what we came here to do for the planet and humanity to go on this journey.

Giants old photo from france.jpeg
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